Behind the Brew

The Story Behind the Brew

At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. we are focused on producing coffees that deliver the richest aroma and flavor to make sure your experience is truly satisfying. That commitment reaches back to the very beginning of the production process, because we understand that the quality of our coffee is directly related to the quality of the relationships we have with the farmers all over the world who grow it. It all starts with choices that happen on the farm, from growing healthy, productive plants to harvesting and processing the fruit with keen attention and care.

But of course, that care doesn’t stop when the green beansCoffee beans that have been cleaned and dried but not roasted. are shipped. Once they reach us, we conduct cuppingA taste testing of coffee samples to determine quality and flavors. tests to assess a shipment’s quality and consistency. Once the beans are accepted, we begin the process of roasting according to exacting standards and established roast profiles. Our packaging standards ensure that the coffee you ultimately make – whether from K-Cup® packs, Vue® packs, whole or ground beans – is the freshest and best quality product we can possibly provide to you.